DR Tumi has a stinging clapback for being called too 'American'

16 April 2018 - 10:56 By Chrizelda Kekana
DR Tumi wasn't impressed when a troll said he's trying to hard to be 'American'.
DR Tumi wasn't impressed when a troll said he's trying to hard to be 'American'.
Image: Via Instagram

We don't think that troll who aimed for Dr Tumi was ready for the clapback he got from the gospel artist... we know we weren't.

The soft spoken gospel artist had to put a troll back in his lane when the person accused Dr Tumi of trying too hard to be American when he should be doing kasi gospel.

*That time, we don't even know what kasi gospel is*

Anyway, Dr Tumi was chilling on his Twitter page, praising the lord as usual, then caught a whiff of someone playing with his name..

And there it was:

Akere some of you guys like playing games on these social media streets? Le bo thatha machance? Outchere thinking Twitter is a lotto draw...

Well, this troll learnt the hard way that even gospel artists will come for you if you poke at them. 

And indeed, Dr Tumi went on to school the troll on a few things, including what it means to live a purposeful life.

Another thing the troll was probs not ready for, was the way Dr Tumi's camp came running to help pack him up.

They told him to go sing his kasi gospel at a corner far away from Dr Tumi because they love the gospel star just the way he is.

*Cues Bruno Mars - Just the way you are*

Seeing how his fans were coming in their numbers to defend him, Dr Tumi thanked them and said he had a thick skin. 

He's been too focused on his next big thing, which is filling up a 30000 capacity venue for his Gathering of Worshippers concert 2018.

Dr Tumi said he was "at peace" with not pleasing everybody under God's sun.

Well... Amen then!