Dudu & Bonginkosi are goals with their second perfect wedding

Weddings are so nice, they decided to do it twice

16 April 2018 - 10:36 By Kyle Zeeman
Duduzile and Bonginkosi wedding was lit af.
Duduzile and Bonginkosi wedding was lit af.
Image: Via Mzansi Magic's Instagram

Duduzile and Bonginkosi have been living that #MarriedLife but when they decided to renew their vows with a traditional ceremony, the whole of Mzansi was invited.

The pair celebrated their "second wedding" on Our Perfect Wedding this past weekend and were the talk of the Twitter streets.

The couple met six years ago after Bonginkosi saw Dudu in church and told the pastor he wanted to marry her like...

The pastor hooked him up, the couple got married and lived happily ever after...until they decided to go on TV and renew their vows.

Twitter was first shocked that they decided to basically get married again when so many of our brothers and sisters were struggling on the Twitter streets to even get a date.

But the topic of conversation soon turned to the traditional wedding game.  

So, like the aunties in the corner skindering about the event, here's what fans thought of the couple's wedding game:

The couple's outfits

The verdict: The dress should be hidden deep in the earth like the gold and gems it was decorated with, but her red dress was a winner!


The verdict: Sorry, guys, but stuffed animals at a wedding is a big no from us

The wedding cake

The verdict: We think that having a traditional cake is awesome, especially if the rumours are true and there was brandy in the fruitcake.

The wedding kiss

The verdict: You're on TV but you don't want to kiss? Okay.

The food

The verdict: It was a little dry but A for effort.

What did y'all think of the wedding?