Buhle Mofokeng says going to school as an actor is never a waste

10 May 2018 - 08:00 By Chrizelda Kekana
Buhle Mofokeng values the education and training she's had as an actress.
Buhle Mofokeng values the education and training she's had as an actress.
Image: Via Instagram

While more and more slay queens and kings seems to be snatching all the good roles on TV, much to the annoyance of educated and veteran actors, actress Buhle Mofokeng has joined the choir that praises an education in the industry.

Sis had to share some pearls of wisdom because the youngins' are always watching!

The long standing debate of natural talent vs skills and technique will probably continue until kingdom comes, but as far as Buhle is concerned, getting the necessary education will always win.

"Although we are still very much trying to find the balance between aesthetics and actual talent and skills as an industry, I will speak from personal experience and say as an actor, I found it easier to navigate my way because I went to school."

The actress, whose big break came through Mzansi Magic's iKhaya, said her mother prioritised her education even when she chose performance arts.

A career she says isn't particularly popular with black parents.

Well... because they prefer doctors, teachers and police officers. You know this ,fam!


"My parents supported me from day one and tried their best to ensure I was as ready as I can be for when my chance came. I was glad I went to school because I realised how much it helped that I had been on stage and that I at least had an idea of what was happening both on and off the stage."

Buhle said that prioritising education doesn't mean that you stop learning and on the set of iKhaya, she became like a sponge in order to improve in her craft.

The actor, who knew from a young age that she was destined for a career in the arts, said she had always been told he has "a face for TV."

This became her motivation to ensure that she had the skill set to match her face, because she wasn't willing to be "just a pretty face".

Now that's the spirit!