IN MEMES | Twitter thinks The Queen's Vuyiswa deserves an Oscar

Look, the woman has been through the most.

10 May 2018 - 10:52 By Chrizelda Kekana
The Queen's Vuyiswa has been through the most.
The Queen's Vuyiswa has been through the most.
Image: Via Instagram

Can one woman go through so much?

The Queen's Vuyiswa has gone through so much on the show that when she asked for her gun, while sitting on a funeral mattress, Twitter felt the pain.

Vee, who is also a detective and is pregnant with Bakang's baby, was told that the Mabuzas were refusing to bring Bakang's dead body home and had decided that they wanted to bury him instead.

Vee has also been Jerry's wife and Bakang step-mom and is now a widow for a man who died due to his lust for another woman. 

Talk about complicated!

Twitter was just hoping someone gives her a gun because now she's fed up and they understand. The woman has literally been through everything.

Twitter also couldn't ignore how Harriet had taken a page out of the president of SA's book. This after she referred to section 8 (A) of the Cyril Ramaphosa act of "shut up".