Would you pass up a free wish? Probably not, but Noluthando would!

The actress is all about trusting God, she's got no time to make wishes!

22 May 2018 - 15:01 By Chrizelda Kekana
Actress and singer Noluthando Meje loves God.
Actress and singer Noluthando Meje loves God.
Image: Via Instagram

Considering how notoriously private actress Noluthando Meje is it was a miracle that she told TshisaLIVE all about her purpose and her beliefs.  And, boy are they interesting.

Noluthando explained that she closely guards what aspect of herself people get to know because she valued having the element of surprise in her daily personal encounters.

"I don't give a lot to the outside world. It's very simple, I only give myself to the people close to me. That is just a choice I made because I also want to leave that element of surprise. So when people meet me, then they can be like 'oh kanti you are like this?'"

However the Farewell Ella Bella star shared a few insights into her life philosophies and if you didn't know, this here is a woman after God's heart.

Check out her interesting answers.

My purpose in life is ... to know and follow my purpose and to know that God is at the center of that purpose.

My heart beats faster when ... I'm anxious, nervous and excited.

I hope South Africans will ... one day unite and support each other, without backstabbing each other.

I believe ... that we as South africans have a lot to give and that our generation will one day change the country.

Nobody knows that I ... well if I answer this question, they will know mos!

In five years I ... will be where God wants me to be and that's where I leave it.

I am constantly searching for ... new ways of doing things. New ways of thinking, learning and giving.

There is a life beyond arts because ... arts doesn't make us, it is within us and given by God.

If I had a million rand I would... invest in the rural areas of this country because they are honestly not given the financial attention they deserve and there's a lot of potential there.

What I know now... is that as much as I am a procrastinator and simultaneously always in a rush to do things, time is everything. Time is of the essence.

If I had one wish right now I ... hai I don't know... I mean I'd say I wanna know the future but that actually isn't a thing for me so... It's actually up to God. 

*She wasted a wish guys, talk about faith in God*