Emtee labels questions around his lean drink 'irritating'

29 May 2018 - 09:46 By Chrizelda Kekana
Rapper Emtee
Rapper Emtee
Image: Via Instagram

If there are two things you are almost guaranteed to see together, it's Emtee and his double styrofoam cup filled with a purple drink. And just in case you have a problem with that, the rapper just wants you to know its getting "irritating".

Since he blew up, Emtee has been called out and criticised for always appearing like he's high or drunk. However, Emteee has hit back at the claims on numerous occasions making it clear that he doesn't consume alcohol or drugs. 

"I don't use drugs or consume alcohol. My real supporters know what I'm on. It’s just not liquor or a drug," Emtee wrote on Twitter.

*yeah because Sprite plus cough syrup has no alcohol or doesn't qualify as drugs neh?*

However, after being inundated with followers telling him to stop "killing" himself on his timeline and rappers apparently bragging about not drinking the purple drink, Emtee's taken to Twitter to tell people to leave him and his drank alone.

Man said it's getting hellavua irritating for him because nobody cares.