'Respect me' - Rachel Kolisi fires back at talk over her man

26 June 2018 - 14:42 By Kyle Zeeman
Siya and Rachel Kolisi have been raising a small family together.
Siya and Rachel Kolisi have been raising a small family together.
Image: Via Rachel's Instagram

Rachel Kolisi divided social media this week when she responded to a Twitter user's thirsty tweet by telling the woman to respect her relationship.

The rugby player won over even those who don't watch sport when he was recently made captain of the Springboks, so he has a lot of converts who think he is eye-candy.

One fan was responding to a question about pursuing someone in a relationship, when they suggested that they would make exception for only one person and called Siya a  whole "type".

Unfortunately for her, Siya's wife had seen a clip where TV personality Lorna Maseko spoke about her friend "wanting to date a black man" and Siya's name came up. Rachel said she watched a show where a celebrity had encouraged her friend to go after a married man and was not impressed.

In a series of tweets, Rachel warned women to back off and respect her relationship.

Rachel and Siya's manager Paul van den Berg told TshisaLIVE the couple would not comment on the incident, while Lorna Maseko said she was in a meeting and unable to comment.

Meanwhile, social media was left shaking by Rachel's "women to women" chat and were quickly divided over whether she was right to defend her relationship with her man or shouldn't have taken the comments so seriously.