'Same day service'? – Yoh! Utatakho never misses, hey

18 July 2018 - 09:11 By Kyle Zeeman
Nimrod Nkosi is the host of Utatakho.
Nimrod Nkosi is the host of Utatakho.
Image: Via Twitter/Utatakho

Get your dictionaries out because Mzansi has a new term to add to the national language... same day service.

The term was coined by malume Sylvestor on popular reality show Utatakho this week when describing how he had impregnated a women during a one-night stand. 

Malume had been called to the show after a woman asked for help in trying to find her biological father. It was eventually revealed who the father of the child was, and guess what? It wasn't Sylvester.

But the internet was still stuck on the phrase and moved quickly to ask that it be adopted by the streets.