Foreign chicken or drinks request: What in the world does Huku mean?

Here's 12 possible translations... and the right one

03 August 2018 - 11:29 By Kyle Zeeman
Sho Madjozi's Huku is splitting the streets over its meaning.
Sho Madjozi's Huku is splitting the streets over its meaning.
Image: Via Sho Madjozi's Instagram/ YouTube

You've been breaking it down to Sho Madjozi's hit Huku for weeks now but do you actually know what it means?

Spoiler alert: The answer is at the end of the article

It is the biggest debate since brown bread vs white, which once again surfaced this week after it was announced that the Tsonga star had reached over one million views on her Huku music video in just over two months.

The clubs have been filled with chants of Huku when the song comes on and even TV personality Pabi Moloi has been hooked on it. 

However she took to social media this week to ask the burning question over its meaning and started a hilarious debate  

Even Chicken Licken got involved.

...and the remix...we died.

You know we got you, fam, and so we reached out to the star to spill the tea.

She confirmed the song was Swahili and said it was a phrase which is used to describe a situation where someone is too shy to say something. Like you see in the video.

So full marks to this guy...