Toya Delazy slams 'homophobic' criticism over her Zulu dress to chief Mangosuthu Buthelezi's birthday

30 August 2018 - 13:23 By Kyle Zeeman
Toya Delazy let the person have a piece of her mind.
Toya Delazy let the person have a piece of her mind.
Image: Instagram/ Toya Delazy

Toya Delazy has challenged anyone who has a problem with her wearing a traditional Zulu outfit to meet her in the streets, after a Twitter user suggested the dress was reserved for men.

Toya, who is openly gay was criticised by the user after pictures of her wearing the Zulu outfit during a ceremony to celebrate her grandfather chief Mangosuthu Buthelezi's 90th birthday over the weekend was shared online.

Toya earlier shared with fans that she would show up at the ceremony in "an appropriate outfit that Zulu girls with different genders can wear so they do not attract the wrong mate."

However, when footage from the ceremony surfaced the hater criticised Toya's dress and claimed that her grandfather should have taught her manners.  

The tweep said that just because someone was lesbian, it didn't change the fact that the outfit was not meant to be worn by women.

Toya hit back labelling the criticism homophobic and put it in the same category as racism and sexism.

"Homophobia, racism and sexism are exactly the same, at least the racists shut up when they are busted. Stop feeling entitled to my body black brother. You trying to harm the wrong person," she said.

She shared pictures from the ceremony and claimed the outfit was official dress for "Zulu girls with different genders".

Toya also slammed people who weren't willing to adapt to people with different genders. 

"There are different genders out here, adapt or die. We all here to live our lives, not your life. Even the people that talk like they know what's on the other side - don't know! That's why they sin repeatedly against God by going against those bounded by love.

"A racist will trend all week in South Africa - but homophobes, waltz free, still talking sideways every day. If we could put this energy towards all crimes against humanity it would be better. No good thing has ever trended this long, you get over the good quickly."