IN MEMES | Twitter was not ready for MaZet's revenge & boy was it entertaining!

Between Mazet's revenge and Zim Zim's psychotic praise Twitter needs an hour of Lockdown.

04 September 2018 - 10:21 By Chrizelda Kekana
Thandeka Dawn King plays Mazet in Lockdown.
Thandeka Dawn King plays Mazet in Lockdown.
Image: Instagram/Thandeka Dawn King

This is an open letter on behalf of all Mzansi Magic viewers who religiously tune in to watch Lockdown every Monday without fail.

Dear Mandla N, Mzansi Magic and the powers that be...

Tweeps are really tired of asking for the same thing week after week. There's too much drama going on Lockdown for it to be just 30 minutes (including the million adverts). 

Twitter couldn't help but complain about the amount of adverts they have to endure when they are intently focused on watching the drama unfold.  

With MaZet finally losing her cool and getting her revenge... and Zim Zim laughing through a chaotic situation while giving praise to God for the next murder victim on her list. There's just too much happening for the series to be a mere 30 minutes.

With that being said, Twitter is absolutely in love with the effort they can clearly see that has been put into putting the show together. They appreciate it but they are now ready for more time slots (like say... Monday to Friday) or at least an hour every Monday.

Because honestly this 30 minutes business is a violation of our rights.

We hope y'all will do the right thing...


Mzansi Twitter.

Otherwise Twitter still had the memes for MaZet's revenge last night.