Oh no! Skeem Saam’s MaNtuli has to #PayBackTheMoney

04 September 2018 - 10:06 By Kyle Zeeman
MaNtuli is going through the most.
MaNtuli is going through the most.
Image: Via Twitter/Skeem Saam

Just when MaNtuli thought she was Mrs Moneybags, her former boss told her that she needs to pay back R150,000 of her pension money.

Ma has been living her best life since she got her pension fund payout about a month ago, buying fancy phone for her kids and a lekker lounge suite for the house.

But MaNtuli's lavish lifestyle came crashing down on Monday when Mr Kgomo came to visit and alerted her to an issue with the money she received.

That time our hearts broke for poor Ma Ntuli, who then had to sit her kids down and tell them they have to hand back their new phones.

We're not sure where Ma is going to get R150,000 from but Mr Kgomo doesn't play any games so she better start looking at loan options.

While many felt sorry for Ma, the streets saw it as a lesson on how not to splurge on money that isn't yours. Unless you want to be in the same WhatsApp group as MaNtuli and that NSFAS girl.