Burn! Cassper claps back at 'Chris Martin Facetime' hate

13 September 2018 - 13:22 By Kyle Zeeman
Cassper Nyovest told the hater where to get off.
Cassper Nyovest told the hater where to get off.
Image: via Cassper Nyovest Instagram

Call the paramedics because Cassper just left a hater seriously burnt after the tweep trolled the star for speaking to Coldplay frontman Chris Martin.

Cassper posted a picture of himself video calling with Chris on Wednesday and was soon the talk of social media.

Cassper and Chris are set to share a stage later this year at the Global Citizen Festival: Mandela 100 event and have previously spoken about making music together.

The social media streets were filled with comments on what the pair could be discussing and whether Cassper was a "show off"  for posting the snap.

One brave user even suggested that it was Cassper who had called Chris so he could flex about having famous friends.

"That time you're the one that called him acting like he called you," the user responded next to a meme.

Cassper was not impressed and delivered a verbal smackdown that had fans scattering for cover.

He started off by telling the hater that Chris had called him. 

"He actually did call me but that doesnโ€™t matter cause you failed to look through your pathetic hate and get inspired."

Cassper said he was once like the critic: "bitter" and "hating the world".

"I was once just as broke as you, just as bitter as you, I hated the world and everyone who was successful but I chose to work hard & look at how far God brought me."

Meanwhile, Twitter was a mess with reaction to it all.