'Kindly f**k off'- Scoop Makhathini hits back at drug addiction claims

09 October 2018 - 11:43 By Kyle Zeeman
Scoop Makhathini says he has never been addicted to any substance.
Scoop Makhathini says he has never been addicted to any substance.
Image: Instagram/ Scoop Makhathini

TV personality Scoop Makhathini has once again slammed any suggestions that he is addicted to drugs or any other substance, telling a hater to get the hell out of his "positive vibe filled space" with their shade.

The YFM host was recently feeling deep and took to Twitter to post lyrics to Drake's In My Feelings that dealt with changing who you are but staying real.

"The new me is really still the real me. I swear y'all gotta feel me before they try to kill me. Because I been going off and the don't know how to stop me," the line read.

A follower obvs thought the lines were Scoop trying to be reflective and suggested that Scoop had changed, especially when he stopped his "addictions".

"The old you was addicted to substance and didn’t know when to stop. I like the new you. You have control. Amandla!" the follower wrote.

Scoop was not impressed by the suggestion and sent a stinging clapback to set the critic straight.

"Kodwa your speculative shade infused comment is duly noted. Andiwafuni amandla wakho. Kindly f*ck off from my positive vibe filled space."

Scoop denied that he had ever been an addict but said he smoked "copious amounts" of weed.

"Never was addicted to anything. Never used any substance. I smoke copious amounts of marijuana though. Did then and still do."

This is not the first time that Scoop has had to deal with questions about his "addictions".

During a chat with Slikour Scoop hit back at the suggestion by musician Ntukza that the star may be on something.

"There’s been suspicion of me using substances for a long time. I’ll tell you for the record: I smoke weed. I take mushrooms – which is all natural. I do not take cocaine. Have never! So you can leave that mess alone," he said at the time.