Thando Thabethe defends Pearl Thusi from #OpenUpTheIndustry hate

30 January 2019 - 10:03 By Kyle Zeeman
Thando Thabethe has taken on the #OpenUpTheIndustry hate head on.
Thando Thabethe has taken on the #OpenUpTheIndustry hate head on.
Image: Via Thando Thabethe's Instagram

Thando Thabethe has rushed to actress Pearl Thusi's defence after some Twitter users criticised her appointment as roast master for AKA's Comedy Central roast next month.

Pearl was earlier this week unveiled as the host of the show, making history in the process as the first female roast master in Africa.

And while the streets were filled with congratulatory messages, some questioned why producers kept using the same talent over and over again.

They asked why others were not given a chance to shine.

While Pearl has ignored the hate, her friend Thando Thabethe was watching and decided to give the haters a piece of her mind.

In a series of tweets on Wednesday morning the former Generations: The Legacy star went into dragon slayer mode and told people to get off Twitter and start grinding.

Thando went on to slam the 'entitled generation' for expecting gigs to fall into their laps and made it clear that she still auditioned for gigs. 

Sis also pointed out that the calls for female stars to open the industry were louder than for their male counterparts.

But one person who is all about that #OpenUpTheIndustry vibes is Gigi Lamayne. 

The rapper is throwing a massive concert soon and is looking for upcoming artists to put on at the event.