Prince Kaybee on love triangle, stolen songs & 'missing' royalties!

Imagine making a song about being cheated on only for it to become your reality... shu life!

13 February 2019 - 15:03 By Chrizelda Kekana
Prince Kaybee has addressed rumours that he found himself in a love triangle.
Prince Kaybee has addressed rumours that he found himself in a love triangle.
Image: Via Prince Kaybee

Prince Kaybee has confirmed cheating allegations involving his ex-girlfriend and close friend, TNS. The Charlotte hitmaker also responded to claims of "royalty theft" leveled against him by TNS.

Kaybee shared a lengthy statement on Facebook in response to a Sunday World report that claimed the Wajellwa hitmaker allegedly didn't pay TNS for songs they co-produced.

"I would like both the public and the media to know that the allegations made against me are false and they are spread by Nkazimulo Ngema with the intent to discredit my brand."

Prince accused TNS (real name Nkazimulo Ngema) of spreading the "lies" in order to tarnish his brand. Kaybee said he especially felt betrayed that TNS had allegedly taken his girlfriend.

"These false allegations are painful & discouraging considering that I went out of my way to support his career and finance his dreams during the period of our personal and professional relationship only for him to betray me by having an affair with someone I was seeing a while back," Prince Kaybee said.

The Club Controlla hitmaker said he had taken TNS under his wing, and even gave him a roof over his head and provided food for him. Kaybee also confirmed that he took back the car he had loaned TNS after their relationship turned sour. 

"This is a person that I believed in and took under my wing. I opened my home, studio, networks and financially backed because I believed in him as a young artist. "

TNS hit back with a statement of his own, accusing Kaybee of lying about several things. 

"I didn’t want to go this far but because I’m now seen as an attention seeking artist, now let's clear this. The money you gave me doesn’t amount to even R40k and you call me ungrateful after I gave you songs worth more than R500k. " 

The young artist said Prince Kaybee's album release was held up by the fact that he took away nine of his songs. He added that Kaybee had a habit of making other people look bad so that he looks like the victim. Although TNS kept mum on the love triangle, he made it clear that he was definitely done with Prince Kaybee.

"Karma knows where everyone lives, your arrogance will catch up with you Prince Kaybee."