AKA on Gucci boycott: 'South Africans are worried about the wrong things'

19 February 2019 - 09:12 By Cebelihle Bhengu
Rapper AKA took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the Gucci boycott.
Rapper AKA took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the Gucci boycott.
Image: Via Instagram/AKA/Blaq Smith

South Africans have 99 problems and Gucci is simply not one of them. Well, that's what rapper AKA implied in a series of tweets as he slammed South Africans for boycotting Gucci. 

AKA's tweets come after the luxury fashion brand was criticised recently for its black jumper which depicted blackface.

The item, widely referred to as the black "balaclava" jumper, covers half of the face and has a red cut-out around the mouth. 

African-Americans slammed Gucci, claiming the brand promotes blackface, a phenomenon historically known to have been used to perpetuate racial stereotypes about black people. 

In solidarity with African-Americans South Africans chipped in on the Gucci boycott, but AKA feels they need to get their priorities straight.

In a tweet in which he was responding to a follower, AKA implied that South Africans must learn to focus on their own struggles, before they can support others'.

He made a reference to the #FeesMustFall movement 

Agreeing that movements aimed at addressing struggles faced by African-Americans such as BLM are genuine, the rapper questioned why the SA Gucci boycotters were not protesting at the American embassy with placards, if they were so genuinely passionate about the cause.