WATCH | Black Coffee in 'God mode' as he shuts down prestigious UK venue

23 February 2019 - 08:00 By Kyle Zeeman
Black Coffee sold out the Brixton O2 Academy.
Black Coffee sold out the Brixton O2 Academy.
Image: Instagram/ Black Coffee

Black Coffee went into peak superstar mode last weekend when he sold out the London's prestigious Brixton O2 Academy.

The venue is considered one of the UK's most sought-after music venues having hosted some of the biggest names in world music.

Black Coffee headlined a show on Saturday and had fans spazzing out over his incredible set.

Everyone was on some...

The DJ, who has played on several of the world's biggest stages including Terminal 5 in New York and Coachella, amazed audiences with a set heavy on SA-flavour.

In fact, the crowd nearly wet themselves in excitement when the beat from Black Motion's Prayer For Rain dropped.

Soon social media was flooded with pictures and videos of his performance, which was accompanied by dancers and insane special effects.

The gig comes as Black Coffee begins his international tour season.

He will also return to Las Vegas later this year to take up a second season of residency at the Wynn Nightclub.