'The Queen's' Schumie lashes out: The LGBTIs aren't props to spice up storylines

22 March 2019 - 07:00 By Chrizelda Kekana
Vuyo Ngcukana plays the character of Schumacher in 'The Queen'.
Vuyo Ngcukana plays the character of Schumacher in 'The Queen'.
Image: Instagram/Vuyo Ngcukana

Actor Vuyo Ngcukana, who plays the sexually fluid character of Schumacher in The Queen, has come out to slam people who use the LGBTI+ community for "profit" but fail to accurately tell the stories of their reality.

The actor's character is a firm favourite with fans and his journey through finding his sexual identity, has started quite a few debates on social media platforms.

Vuyo explained that as an actor portraying such a character, he wanted the dialogue to expand more.

"The LGBTIs are not props to spice up storylines or to entertain people, they aren’t accessories for parties and social media skits, 'I wish I had a gay friend' for what?

"Stop treating people like sub-humans for your own benefit, you use gay slang and their fashion only to discard them after you’ve received your clicks and likes, respect them, respect me and what I portray, I'm tired of being polite and nice about this, stop it!" Vuyo wrote.

The actor explained that his rant was fueled by some of the content he'd read and seen in the mainstream media.

He said as an actor who plays a role that has an impact in society like Schumacher, he hoped for a fruitful conversation where matters of the LGBTI+ community are concerned.

"Ask me what my own experience is with the LGBTI and straight community, what I think needs to be done about intolerance, the violent targeting of the LGBTI community, how the lives of those around me have changed or if they have since I’ve played this character.

"Ask me how my character has impacted the lives of those that live that reality daily, how teenagers relate to the story of Schumacher, his character, what it's like for people not to differentiate between real life and fiction, ask me about what sexual fluidity is ..."

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Well said Vuyo... well said.