Barbz on Juju and French journo's 'showdown': He's what Africa needs right now

17 May 2019 - 11:00 By Kyle Zeeman
Babalwa Mneno was here for Julius's comments.
Babalwa Mneno was here for Julius's comments.
Image: Instagram/ Babalwa Mneno

Socialite and businesswoman Babalwa Mneno is probably one of the first names on the Julius Malema supporters' club list, and when her CIC got into a "showdown" with a French journalist, she was right there in his corner.

It all started when the reporter asked Juju if the EFF should assume more responsibility for racial tensions within the country after its strong showing at the May 8 elections.

Julius said the reporter was "living an imaginary life" and denied there were tensions.

"There are no tensions in South Africa, but there is in France. There is burning in France. There has never been an SABC that left here and went to France, and asked your president what he is going to do with tensions in France. Solve your tensions in France and stop imagining tensions in South Africa.

"There are no tensions here. You are living an imaginary life. You are imagining things. There are no tensions here. Which tensions? You come here, you are dreaming during the day. There are no tensions in South Africa. We’ve never perpetuated hatred."

Responding to a tweet quoting Julius, Barbz made it clear that she was here for Julius' comments.

She went on to sing his praises and claimed he is not only the "most intelligent politician in this land", but also exactly what Africa needs right now.

"I mean! African excellence on a thousand! Say what you want but you all know that Julius is the most intelligent politician in this land! He is just what Africa needs right now."

Of course, she was questioned about what she meant by Julius being what Africa needed, but sis says if you know Julius there is no need to explain further.

"I must now explain what I mean by what Africa needs in leadership, yet he lives here and knows what Julius preaches daily about Africa for Africans. Also, I’ve never heard any of their people advocating for Africans to unite nor do they call the European or USA out on their bull but Julius does!"