Malcolm X slams ‘hypocrites’: They ask me for money and criticise me behind my back

07 June 2019 - 11:30 By Kyle Zeeman
Malcolm X put the 'hypocrites' on blast.
Malcolm X put the 'hypocrites' on blast.
Image: Via Malcolm X's Instagram

The people's blesser, Malcolm X, has put his haters on blast, claiming many who have criticised him for having a younger girlfriend are the same people who are on his page asking for money.

Malcolm got tongues wagging earlier this week when he took to social media to claim that haters were saying his 24-year-old girlfriend was "too young" for him!  He told the country that his bae was here to stay, no matter what critics say.

Taking to social media on Thursday, Malcolm responded to a post on The Popcorn Room SA about his comments and spilt some serious tea.

"I just had fun blocking 63 of my followers who unfairly insult and criticised me on your page, yet send me 'heartfelt' requests on daily basis. I have no regrets that I helped them morally, financially and otherwise, though. It’s innate in me to assist everyone, total strangers included."

He refused to drop names and numbers, but said he often received requests that included "indecent proposals and nudes".

"They criticise Viola, yet they’re of the same age as her! Despite uncouth, unsavoury and unconscionable criticism, Viola is here to stay, we love each other dearly, and she ain’t going nowhere."

He said he would still keep his word to help them because he was a better person.

"Despite their hypocrisy, I’m about to send cash to all outstanding beneficiaries as per their 'humble requests'. They need it more than Viola."