Zodwa slammed for 'animal cruelty', but she doesn’t care

07 August 2019 - 12:33 By Kyle Zeeman
Zodwa was in hot water over her Instagram post.
Zodwa was in hot water over her Instagram post.
Image: Via Zodwa Wabantu's Instagram

Zodwa Wabantu has been accused of promoting animal cruelty but has laughed off the claims, telling her critics to instead go after Google and YouTube.

Zodwa caused a fuss when she posted a video on Instagram on Tuesday night of a young monkey sleeping. In the video, a man can be seen poking the monkey and hitting it over the head while the monkey tries to sleep.

She captioned the post "vuka wena. Vuka asisebenzanga izolo", along with several laughing face emojis.

However, many of Zodwa's fans were not amused and slammed her for sharing "extreme cruelty".

Others warned that she should take it down or face people making a big deal about it.

"I understand that you didn't capture this but please don't promote it. You just recently issued an apology to the LGBTIQ+ community, pleading ignorance. Please don't put yourself in that position again. This is cruel," Mfundo Mabalane wrote.

Responding to one call to take the video down, Zodwa was defiant and said that the request should go to Google and YouTube.

"They should go to Google and YouTube and take it down from there," she wrote.

She also claimed that the post was simply a joke and was not meant to harm or offend.