Fikile Mbalula calls out Junior De Rocka for filming his daughter while driving

08 August 2019 - 12:30 By Kyle Zeeman
Junior De Rocka was slammed for the video.
Junior De Rocka was slammed for the video.
Image: Instagram/Junior De Rocka

DJ Junior De Rocka should be counting his lucky stars that Fikile Mbaweezy is no longer police minister. The politician gave him a proper roasting for allegedly filming his daughter while driving.

The rapper is always sharing hilarious videos of his daughter, Sbahle, on social media and thought his followers would find a video of her reaction to his four pipes amusing.

In the video, Sbahle can be seen getting a fright and then screaming in surprise at the sound of Junior's car.

While Junior got a lot of reaction from tweeps who thought it was cute and hilarious, Mbaweezy was less than impressed.

He zoned in on the DJ recording the video while driving and told him such things were dangerous.

"Molo Mhlekazi, please do not drive and use your phone. It is dangerous and puts your life and that of your little one in danger."

He added that Junior should think about the trauma his daughter would experience if he lost control of the car or had an accident. 

"Blue cop and red emergency lights should never be in the memory of your young one if the worst, caused by phone use while driving, occurs," Mbaweezy said.

The minister's comment comes four months after Junior's baby mama, Ntando Duma, hit back at suggestions that she was a bad mother. The actress was criticised by social media users for not putting Sbahle in a car seat and filming her while in the car.

"1. The car was stationary. 2. She’s got car seats and is always on it, when necessary. 3. I’m not an irresponsible mother. You should know this by now. 4. Now let’s all drink water. 5. Thank you for your concern," Ntando wrote in response to the criticism.