'DJ Fresh is a hero and people need to get used to the show' - Mo Flava on his new show

14 August 2019 - 13:00 By Masego Seemela
Mo Flava is not bothered about being called DJ Fresh.
Mo Flava is not bothered about being called DJ Fresh.
Image: Via Mo Flava's Instagram

With just over a week on air, Metro FM listeners seem to be enjoying Mo Flava's new breakfast show, The Morning Flava. 

Just two weeks ago, Mo revealed that he was going to be the new host of the morning show after DJ Fresh was shown the door by the station.  

Fresh was booted last month for using the word "msunery" on air in response to a listener.

What has become a fan favourite on Mo's show is the Kids Give The Best Answers segment, which sees kids calling in and answering questions asked by Mo or his co-hosts, news reporter, Pearl Shongwe and sports reporter, Owen Hannie. 

On Tuesday morning, a kid who called in to answer a riddle replied, "Morning Fresh" after Mo greeted him. 

Cool and calm, Mo jokingly responded, "One day, maybe I'll be Fresh". 

He added that he understood that listeners get used to personalities and take time to adapt to change. 

"People are expecting me to be offended because they look for every negative angle in something. Fact is DJ Fresh is a hero, and people still need to get used to the new show. big deal!" he responded to a tweep. 

This has since made people stan with the way he handled the situation, as some mentioned that Mo handled it like a pro. 

Tweeps said if another radio host was in Mo's position, they would've cut the call and moved to the next one.