LOL! So Sthembiso is the new Robocop in 'The Queen'?

15 August 2019 - 12:00 By Kyle Zeeman
Sthembiso had fans in stitches.
Sthembiso had fans in stitches.
Image: Mzansi Magic Twitter

Sthembiso nearly saw his life flash before his eyes on The Queen this week, after a mob turned ugly.

Since Jerry has pretty much gone MIA since he woke up from his coma as a new person, Sthembiso has been holding the fort at the police station.

But he was never ready for Sixteen and Kop, who gathered a crowd on Wednesday night's episode.

Sixteen said it had been three months since his nephew was killed at the Corner House, and now he wanted justice.

He confronted Sthembiso and said if the police were not doing their job, the mob would.

"We will get rid of all these drug dealers. We will teach them a lesson," Sixteen said.

Sthembiso had to take over the no-nonsense Robocop role from bra Jerry during the incident, and told Sixteen not to disrespect the police. 

He told him they had arrested the Khozas and Mabuzas, while waving his finger at the former thug.

He was defeated when he turned to the superintendent for answers about the docket and the cop walked away without answering.

Over on social media, fans were in tears of laughter at Sthembiso's response to the situation and were quick to dub him the new Robocop of Saps.