MC Hammer is a stan of SA-born motivational speaker Mpumi Nobiva

10 September 2019 - 15:00 By Masego Seemela
MC Hammer gives motivational speaker Mpumi Nobiva (middle) the nod.
MC Hammer gives motivational speaker Mpumi Nobiva (middle) the nod.
Image: MC Hammer/ Twitter

Imagine getting a major nod from US icon MC Hammer. Well motivational speaker Mpumi Nobiva is that lucky person. 

MC Hammer took to Twitter and posted a picture of himself congratulating the SA-born international speaker at 10th Annual Glide Legacy Gala that took place on September 7 in San Francisco. 

Mpumi, who was part of Oprah Winfrey's inaugural class of 72 girls when the Leadership Academy for Girls opened its doors in 2007, was awarded the Janice Mirikitani Legacy Award at the award gala. 

Every year the Glide Legacy Gala honors individuals and groups who have made an impact in communities with their unique talents, innovative leadership and passion.

Mpumi is current a Leadership Academy board member for her domestic violence and HIV/Aids advocacy in SA. 

According to her web page, she has spoken at the White House, congressional fundraisers, corporate functions and non-profit initiatives in several countries.

At age nine, the motivational speaker lost her mother to HIV/Aids, leaving her orphaned.

As NationBuilder's first leader in residence, Mpumi is developing the digital infrastructure for Share Your Story Africa - an initiative inspired by her advocacy work uniting youth against HIV/Aids and domestic violence in SA.

She uses the platform to share her powerful story at events around the world.