Here’s why Sho Madjozi’s thread on clout and sexual assault had the internet in a huff

27 September 2019 - 11:15 By Kyle Zeeman
Sho Madjozi's thread was deep AF!
Sho Madjozi's thread was deep AF!
Image: Instagram/Sho Madjozi

Musician Sho Madjozi caused a stir on social media on Thursday when she took to Twitter to post a thread about clout, hate and helping a woman after an alleged sexual assault incident.

Sho, who was applauded for her views on xenophobia and femicide earlier this month, posted another lengthy thread on abuse on Thursday and immediately topped the local trends list.

The star started her thread by tweeting about some of the criticism she had been receiving of late, before telling followers that she was just trying to be “a positive light” but kept getting shade.

“All I’ve done is be a positive light. But damn honey the brighter I shine the more shade they throw on me,” she wrote.

Sho then went on to explain each of the situations that led to the criticism.

She said that she had been getting fire from tweeps for commenting and applauding another young artist's remix but not retweeting it.

She then went on to explain that a person claimed to have been sexually assaulted by someone Sho works with. After discussing it with Sho, the woman allegedly agreed that she wasn’t actually assaulted by the person but explained that the experience triggered her reaction because someone had sexually assaulted her in the past.

Sho claims the woman later directed her thread about the abuse not at the man who allegedly abused her, but at Sho.

Sho said it was a symptom of black women feeling powerless and lashing out at other black women.

“A black woman who has been belittled and underestimated and not taken seriously will take that out on another young black woman by undermining her intelligence. It’s harder to fight the racist male gatekeepers with actual wealth and power, we feel powerless against the actual rapists.

“We feel powerless under governments that keep us poor. So we attack each other. We always attack each other,” Sho wrote.

The thread drew mixed reactions from tweeps, with some claiming Sho was wrong to slam a victim of alleged sexual assault.

Others believed that Sho was dropping bars of truth and followers should read the thread in its entirety.