Lady Zamar on speaking out: 'I said what I said and it is what I experienced'

06 November 2019 - 07:00 By Masego Seemela
Lady Zamar has spoken about her relationship with Sjava in recent tweets.
Lady Zamar has spoken about her relationship with Sjava in recent tweets.
Image: Via Lady Zamar's Instagram

Lady Zamar has come out to make it clear that she stands by the comments she made about the pain she allegedly endured at the hands of an ex-partner. 

Zamar penned a lengthy Twitter thread, which detailed the pain she allegedly went through during a previous relationship.

She also made it clear that she had no idea that her then partner was married.

Even though Zamar did not mention any names, fans joined the dots as a few months ago, she and Sjava confirmed that they had split after a two-year relationship. Last week Zamar and Sjava's relationship made headlines after Sjava's wife was introduced to the nation at his one-man show.

Shortly after she found her name on the trends list, Zamar shared her version of events. 

She told Daily Sun that she had healed and moved on a long time ago.

“I said what I said and it is what I experienced. I put it up on Twitter and there's nothing more to it. I'm not accusing anyone. I did not mean to hurt anyone or attack anyone's name. Otherwise, I appreciate the support I received.” 

She added that she posted the tweets because a lot of women experienced abuse every day.

“Too many women have been victimised and I want them to understand it's not their fault. My purpose is to help young girls understand abuse and fight it head-on. I've been doing these motivational talks for longer than I've been a musician.” 

Although his name wasn't mentioned, Sjava responded to the abuse and assault allegations that have been leveled against him, stating that he plans to pursue the matter legally.

Breaking his silence on Friday, Sjava took to social media to state that Zamar's abuse allegations were false and that he was pursuing the matter through legal channels.

“I am aware of the false allegations relating to abuse and assault contained in tweets by Yamikani Banda (Lady Zamar) on October 29 and the media articles based on those allegations. On the advice of my legal advisors, I am pursuing the matter through formal legal channels.”