Can someone please stop 'The Queen’s' Schumacher and his 'biltong shoes'

03 December 2019 - 11:18 By Kyle Zeeman
Vuyo Ngcukana plays Schumacher in 'The Queen'.
Vuyo Ngcukana plays Schumacher in 'The Queen'.
Image: Instagram/Vuyo Ngcukana

Schumacher has been trying to win over Gracious for what seems like an eternity.

Referring to himself as “Mr Party”, Shumi was feeling himself, so he decided to take his shot again this week.

He was planning to take Gracious to a fancy hotel or spa to impress her, but Mjekejeke was not impressed and warned his friend that even if he appeared stark naked at her house, he would be kicked out in seconds.

Shumi was ready to test that theory and took the baby oil.

All oiled up and caked in perfume, he was waiting for her in bed, only for Gracious to bring home another man.

Shumi had to dash, but left his “biltong shoes” behind.

During his great escape, he ran into Sis Patty, who thought he was there to seduce her.

“You know I have a husband. Mjekejeke satisfies me. Put your clothes back on,” she said.

The streets were in stitches at the awkward encounters and flooded social media with memes and messages.

Even actress Rami Chuene, who plays Gracious, took to Twitter to comment on Shumi's shoes.