Rowlene on anxiety: Sometimes I have no control of my emotions & question my existence

27 February 2020 - 06:00 By Kyle Zeeman
Rowlene Bosman says she sometimes feels like she is suffocating.
Rowlene Bosman says she sometimes feels like she is suffocating.
Image: Instagram/ Rowlene Bosman

SMA hitmaker Rowlene Bosman has opened up to her fans about her battle with anxiety and depression.

The star, who has always been candid about her experiences with fame, took to Twitter on Tuesday evening to explain the anguish she sometimes faces while battling anxiety.

“Some days I have zero control over my emotions. All my triggers, trauma and fears; come at me in one go,”

She said that this often led to her feeling suffocated and questioning her existence.

Concerned fans flooded her social media page with messages of support and encouragement, many sharing how her music helped get them out of similar struggles.

Just hours earlier, Rowlene said that she was “starting to delete my emotions the way I delete my texts”. 

“It's my birthday next week ... and I refuse to start my new year unhappy!” she added.

Rowlene had fans in their feels earlier this month when she took shots at tweeps for being so judgmental and not supporting each other.

Yawl honestly need to stand together this year, instead of being so k*k judgmental! Help instead! You are always looking for negative things to say!

“Regardless of how you feel rather keep quiet and work on you, bro! Bashing another human doesn't make you a better human!” she wrote.