Mzansi split over Mihlali’s starring role in Lasizwe's 'dead slay queen' skit

17 March 2020 - 12:00 By Masego Seemela
Lasizwe and Mihlali star in the YouTube skit.
Lasizwe and Mihlali star in the YouTube skit.
Image: Lasizwe / YouTube

Lasizwe Dambuza has left social media streets buzzing after featuring Mihlali Ndamase in his latest YouTube skit. 

The pair first lit up the streets after they seemingly got into a bit of a tiff when Lasizwe wanted to release the skit without Mihlali's approval.

Feeling nothing went past her, Mihlali said she hadn't approved the video.

Lasizwe was not having any of it, seeing it was his “content”, and shared the hilarious skit.

In the video, titled When Your Best Friend Passes On, Mihlali can be seen mourning the death of her 'slay queen' friend [played by Lasizwe]. With tears streaming down her face, Mihlali begs her friend to wake up because she can't slay these streets alone.

Realising the friend was never coming back, Mihlali decided to rectify the bad make-up on her friend's face.

Just as she is satisfied with the end result of her “face beat” on her dead friend, the mother [also played by Lasizwe] walks in and reprimands Mihlali.

Many found the skit hilarious and were excited to see Mihlali step outside her “comfort zone. Others said she was not funny and should have declined the offer to star in the skit.

Though it drew mixed reactions, Lasizwe thanked all the haters (and fans) for spiking his numbers and watching his video.