Four local celebs who have tested for coronavirus

30 March 2020 - 12:30 By Kyle Zeeman
Riky Rick waited a while for his test results.
Riky Rick waited a while for his test results.
Image: Riky Rick/ Instagram

Covid-19 has infected more than 723,700 globally and 1,280 people in SA, with even some of our celebs getting tested for the virus.

Several SA celebs have taken to social media over the past two-and-a half weeks to speak about their experience getting tested for the virus, including the difficulties in getting tested and the long wait for results.

Here are four celebs who have spoken out:


Riky Rick took to Twitter last week to share his test results, and said he had waited 10 days to hear back.

“Finally, I got my Covid-19 test results. It was meant to be 48 hours but ended up taking 10 days. I hope they improve this system so we can get more accurate data quicker,” he wrote, adding that he tested negative for the virus.


In a video on Instagram, Somizi shared his experience of going for a test and shared his concern about the cost.

“So guys, I am at a private hospital to do tests for the coronavirus ... but also like my chest, I am coughing so you never know,” said Somizi.

“I get here and I ask how much is it and they go 'a thousand four, a thousand five'. That broke my heart. I asked what happened to people who can't afford it and they said 'no, there are public hospitals'," Somizi said.


Sho Madjozi told fans that authorities initially refused to test her because she had no symptoms.

“I tried for three days to get tested after I landed from the UK. They refused to test me everywhere because I showed no symptoms,” she said in a Twitter thread last week.

She added that she waited for five days before getting her results.


Publicist and reality show star Lerato Sengadi was one of the first to test for the virus and shared her frustration with the process.

“I called the (coronavirus hot) line after starting to have flu symptoms. Ordinarily, I would get over-the-counter meds, but because I was recently in Europe I wanted to do the responsible thing and get checked.

“I called twice and both times the consultants said I should go to the doctor and into self-isolation, which is obviously contradictory to the messages circulating. They said there is no free testing. Testing cannot be done at the doctor but at a hospital,” she wrote.

She said when she got to the doctor, she had to pay R1,500 for a “nasal swab" and was told to self-isolate as a precautionary measure.