Lerato Sengadi ain't here for 'shaming' older mothers: There’s nothing wrong with waiting to have a baby

11 May 2020 - 06:00 By Kyle Zeeman
Lerato Sengadi joked that she would be a rocking older mom.
Lerato Sengadi joked that she would be a rocking older mom.
Image: Instagram/Lerato Sengadi

Lerato Sengadi and Redi Tlhabi have both slammed those who criticise women for having children when they are older, saying there is nothing wrong with being an older mom.

The debate around older moms was sparked by a tweep who joked that some of his followers would be “that friend who is 38 with a one-year-old”.

His post was flooded with women sharing their experiences of being an older mom or having older parents.

Lerato weighed in, joking that she is “probably gonna be a 40-year-old with a one-month-old”.

She also said there was nothing wrong with waiting to have kids and that women were always shamed for one thing or another.

Redi responded to a woman who said the experiences shared in the thread gave her hope after worrying about not having kids in her twenties.

The media personality said she was married and had two children in her 30s.

“I got married at 32. I had Neo at 35, Khumo at 38. Were it not for a mishap, I'd have had another baby at 40. Stress-free parenting. Every part of my life was ready for them.”

Redi encouraged the user to relax and love herself.

“I run with women who have had kids at 40, 42, 43. Relax. Love yourself. Invest in your freedom & joy.”