WATCH | Ayanda Borotho: ‘Afrikaans in 2020? I need some balancing please'

15 October 2020 - 07:00 By Masego Seemela
Actress Ayanda Borotho doesn't understand why pupils are still taught in Afrikaans.
Actress Ayanda Borotho doesn't understand why pupils are still taught in Afrikaans.
Image: Instagram/Ayanda Borotho

Isibaya actress Ayanda Borotho doesn't understand why her children failed their school term based on failing Afrikaans.

The actress shared her views in a video on Instagram.  

"I feel trapped, I feel imposed on, I feel somewhat despondent and defeated because in this day and age in 2020 we are still having the conversation about Afrikaans being taught at schools.

“My children speak Sesotho and isiZulu properly ... English they manage and in fact when it comes to the curriculum as a language they do well in it for people who have been fully exposed to the language [English] about a year ago. They get Cs and Bs.”

She added how puzzled she was that her children failed their term even after doing well in other subjects.

“Yet, here's a language which is a fourth language, you fail my children because they failed Afrikaans? And you fail them, having aced maths, having aced other subjects ... you fail my children on the basis of failing Afrikaans as a second language?”

Ayanda added that the school her children attends does not give an option to have her children taught in Sesotho, isiZulu or other indigenous languages.

“If I say to you, test these boys in Sesotho, test them in isiZulu, they will ace that because that is their language. So, here's what I want to know ... why must I invest 12 years of my children's school life in a language that is no benefit to them or me?”

The actress went on to claim that Afrikaans will not give her children access to the global stage, nor will it open doors for them. She also asked the government to look into the teaching systems.

“Why is this language being imposed on us and our children? Why don't we have options at schools?”