Actress Makgotso M gets mistaken for 'John Vuli Gate' viral star: 'My own mother said it was me'

02 November 2020 - 08:00 By deepika naidoo
Actress Makgotso M was mistaken for a #JohnVuligate viral dancer.
Actress Makgotso M was mistaken for a #JohnVuligate viral dancer.
Image: Makgotso/ Instagram

Actress Makgotso Monyemokathoe, aka Makgotso M, was mistaken for Arianna Kat from the viral #JohnVuliGate challenge, and even her own mother was convinced for a moment!

Celebrity lookalikes can get us confused sometimes. Katy Perry or Emily Blunt? Margot Robbie or Jaime Pressly? Who is actually your fave?!

SA's own Makgotso M found her lookalike this week, and took to Twitter to share the hilarious story.

As we know, the hit song John Vuli Gate went viral after a group of women posted a video of their own choreography.

The women who promoted the song to national appreciation have been making waves across the internet with their moves and star power.

Isidingo star Makgotso posted a meme that has been circulating on the internet of a side-by-side of the star with one of the John Vuli Gate woman, Arianna Katt. Fans obviously muddled the two.

Makgotso said though the new dancing star is absolute flames, we mustn't get it twisted. Her own mother believed she went viral for a hot minute there.

“Haibo guys! My friend just sent me this. Do you want to know a joke? My mom saw the video and said it was me. I was soooooo confused, my own mother! I was like how? She was like, those are your legs. Anyway, it's a compliment, she kills it and she's hot!” wrote Makgotso.

I guess great minds don't just think alike,  they look alike too!