AKA is totes smitten with Nelli Tembe, and there are receipts to prove it

22 November 2020 - 12:00
Rapper AKA is head over heels for bae Nelli Tembe.
Rapper AKA is head over heels for bae Nelli Tembe.
Image: Instagram/AKA via welcometoromesa

Romance is still alive for rapper AKA and girlfriend Nelli Tembe, and we have the receipts to prove it!

Bhovamania star AKA and bae Nelli are still madly in love, and we can't help but stan their relationship.

At the launch party for his latest limited edition drink Banana Cruz, the star was seen cosying up with his bae through the celebrations. 

Just a few days ago, AKA revealed that he and Nelli had written one of the songs on his latest EP together. The megacy detected so much love in the song titled Finessin'  that some even think they will get hitched to the tune!

Okayafrica said the collaboration with his girlfriend happened because she was in the studio when the song was being created. They said anecdotes centered on his relationship appear on several songs throughout the EP, including Holy Water, Mr Perfect and Cross My Heart.

Meanwhile, fans were living for their public displays of affection.

AKA and Nelli were defs couple goals in the eyes of Mzansi!

See for yourself:

It seems as if cupid's arrow hit the mark when it comes to AKA and his bae Nelli. Their months-long relationship has had its adorable moments and fans were living.

Earlier this year, when the lockdown rules and regulations eased up and the star finished working on his EP Bhovamania, AKA was finally able to relax and have a mini holiday.

The young and in-love couple were seen wining and dining on pasta and vino.

The only worry the couple had that day was what type of pasta they were going to eat, according to a smitten AKA.