Connie and Shona Ferguson melt over their youngest going to her matric farewell

01 December 2020 - 06:00 By Masego Seemela
Shona and Connie Ferguson gush over their youngest child, Alicia Angel Ferguson.
Shona and Connie Ferguson gush over their youngest child, Alicia Angel Ferguson.
Image: Instagram/Connie Ferguson

Talk about being proud parents. Media moguls and celebrity couple Connie and Shona Ferguson were overwhelmed with pride that their last born, Alicia Angel Ferguson, is saying goodbye to high school. 

Having many mixed emotions about her child completing high school and being on her way to tertiary education, doting mom Connie took to Instagram to share how proud she is of her daughter, who remained focused even during the hardships of the pandemic. 

"I’m feeling an overwhelming sense of pride. My last born is bidding high school goodbye and I can only marvel at how she and her mates stayed committed in a climate filled with uncertainty. A rare breed they are! Forced to adapt to survive."

Connie said Alicia and her schoolmates deserved to celebrate themselves as they prepare for what their future has in store for them. 

"I am so proud of you my angel, Ali. You look absolutely beautiful and radiate joy! Blessed beyond measure and truly grateful." 

The veteran actress' heartfelt tribute was coupled with a snap of Alicia and a boy named TK.

Connie revealed it was first time in 11 years  Ali had worn a dress seeing she's so much of a tomboy. 

In June, Shona gushed over his "miracle baby", opening up about how doctors told him and Connie they would never have children, but God had other plans for the couple.

Shona said he and Connie felt like they had survived all of life's adversities when they were blessed with their baby girl. 

Taking a young trip down memory lane on his daughter's 18th birthday earlier this year, the actor took to Instagram to recall the day when he was honoured with the blessing of finally becoming a father.

“My baby is 18 today. Happy birthday my angel. True story, doctors told me I could never have children of my own. God had other plans because he knew I needed you.

“My miracle baby. Daddy loves you more than you will ever know. I was right there when you came into this world and I will always be there whenever you need me. Sharp fede. Happy birthday Juice. I love you baby.”