Letoya Makhene and Lebo share steamy snaps, showing critics the middle finger

01 December 2020 - 13:00 By Masego Seemela
Businesswoman Lebohang Keswa and actress Letoya Makhene and bare truly in love.
Businesswoman Lebohang Keswa and actress Letoya Makhene and bare truly in love.
Image: Twitter/Lebohang Keswa

Actress Letoya Makhene and businesswoman Lebo Keswa are one of Mzansi's famous couples who aren't afraid to let it be known they are madly in love, and won't tolerate hateful comments.

The couple, who have been serving the socials with #couplegoals since the day they laid eyes on one another, have been steaming things up on the socials, resulting in them facing some nasty comments. 

Still in the honeymoon phase, a smitten Letoya took to Twitter to share snaps of them looking all loved up on a couch.

While many cheered them for being open about how madly in love they are, trolls saw it as an opportunity to mock them for too much PDA.

The trolls attacked them by asking how they were intimate if they were of the same sex, and some went as far as asking how Letoya was lesbian seeing she's a sangoma.

No matter how hard the trolls went at them, Letoya kept it moving and didn't entertain any of them.

Here are some reactions from Letoya's tweet:

Although people have been bashing their union, the actress has made it clear Lebo was more of a blessing in her life than people could ever imagine.

She also revealed, two weeks ago, that she was literally a fiancée for only seven days before the wedding preps started.

Letoya and her fiancée got engaged in October and immediately started lobola negotiations.

Taking to Instagram, Letoya shared snaps of herself in a traditional dress with a caption that explained that a week after Lebo popped the question, Lebo's family came to pay their respects to her family and asked for her hand in marriage through lobola negotiations.

After popping the question, Letoya's bae revealed that getting approval from Letoya's father and then approaching her own uncle to help with the lobola negotiations were a few of her major moves.

Lebo shared on Instagram how it went, starting with her uncle, who she claims interrogated her intensely.

This is my uncle and he’s one of two remaining eldest uncles we have in the family. On this day I had asked him for a meeting and told him I want to get married. I have never been this interrogated in my life. My uncle is a retired teacher and one of the sharpest men I know. Just imagine me trying to explain to him that I want to marry another woman,” she said.