IN MEMES | Fans saw Lucy 'possess' Manaka on last night’s 'The Ranakas'

15 January 2021 - 15:00
The Ranaka family's reality show is still a big hit with fans.
The Ranaka family's reality show is still a big hit with fans.
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Many people in Mzansi can vouch how talented veteran actress Manaka Ranaka is, but since her family’s reality show first graced TV screens, fans believe she carries her characters in her, and this Thursday night fans swore they saw Lucy Diale take over Manaka.

Lucy is the character Manaka plays on Generations: The Legacy, and even though she’s a rough around the edges, high-key gangster, she’s also a softie who would do anything to protect her family and the people she loves.

While fans can usually differentiate, thanks to social media, between Lucy and Manaka, they had to admit the lines were blurred in the latest episode of the much-loved reality show.

In this season of the reality show, fans get to watch the emotions behind the scenes when a pregnant Manaka found out her daughter had hidden her own pregnancy from the family for seven months.

Manaka, who has proved herself to be an awesome mother all along, got a bit emo in the scenes that followed, and it was this snippet in the teaser from last week that got fans thinking Manaka is channeling the Lucy in her this week.

Watch the snippet below:

As it turned out, the moment was as dramatic as it was advertised to be, but tweeps maintained Lucy “possessed” Manaka for that minute of pure entertainment.

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However, the star of the show, as per norm, was Ranaka. In addition to how fans are loving his new “mature” side, his comical side is still a winner for tweeps.

His line in reaction to Manaka’s daughter’s pregnancy left tweeps howling.

When Ranaka said “I'm going to be a grandfather before I become a father”, tweeps were done!

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