WATCH | Loyiso Gola speaks to Eddie Izzard about finding 'reward' in stand-up

26 January 2021 - 13:30 By kyle zeeman
Loyiso Gola sat down with legendary comedian Eddie Izzard.
Loyiso Gola sat down with legendary comedian Eddie Izzard.
Image: Instagram/ Loyiso Gola

SA-born comic Loyiso Gola has performed stand-up overseas for several years and was recently interviewed by legendary comedian Eddie Izzard.

In a segment of his virtual show Make Humanity Great Again, Eddie asked Loyiso about the rewards of doing stand-up.

Loyiso admitted that he once sought validation in awards, but has learnt to enjoy the journey and see the reward in people coming to his shows.

“ I am less obsessed with goals of what my stand-up can get me and more appreciative and accepting that I am already winning. That is the reward. The reward is being the stand-up, having people come to your show and you telling them what is on your mind.”

Eddie recounted how he also made a shift in his career to move “sideways”, performing unique shows in French, German and English.

Loyiso said he wanted to do more shows in Xhosa, bringing unique elements to it.

“I perform in English and realised a few years ago that to perform in Xhosa is not to just translate what I am thinking in English into Xhosa. I have to think of the joke from the beginning in Xhosa or it doesn't translate culturally.”

Eddie is attempting to run a marathon from around the world on a treadmill and perform a stand-up show every day for 31 days. He hopes to raise money for charity through the initiative, and broadcasts his run every day while chatting to guests.

Loyiso has been making waves internationally and doing shows at some of the most prestigious venues around the world, including The Apollo Theatre in New York.

He has featured in Netflix specials and appeared on 50 Cent's show in 2017.

Watch the full interview from the 4hr37min mark below.