Anele Mdoda hits back at 'ugly without make-up' jabs

Anele's critics used her infamous Kelly Rowland jab against her...

21 April 2021 - 12:00 By deepika naidoo
Anele Mdoda has responded to criticism about her wearing make-up.
Anele Mdoda has responded to criticism about her wearing make-up.
Image: Instagram/Anele

It seems like it will be “Anele Mdoda vs Kelly Rowland” forever after the radio personality was again dragged by social media users this week.

It all started when Anele posted an innocent selfie showing off her make-up game. 

While some were here for the look, others quickly dug up her previous criticism of US singer Kelly Rowland and used it against her.

The star took to the TL to address the situation and remind followers that she is unbothered by the insults in her mentions. 

“The thing about Twitter is just because you send an insult does not mean I will be insulted. Save your data for when you leave Wi-Fi zones. Trust, sihappy, thina,” wrote Anele.

A tweep replied to her in a now-deleted tweet, continuing to question her past opinions on make-up.

Anele hit back. 

“It's a life lesson for you as well. Just because someone insults you, you have no need to be insulted. Don't take offence. Leave it on the buffet table,” said Anele.

She also let her haters know she does not need their validation, telling them she is beautiful “any way you look at it”.

In 2019, Anele came under fire for her thoughts on Kelly sans make-up. 

In a now-deleted tweet, Anele said Kelly only “looks amazing with make-up”, adding that she had “receipts”.

This lead to an uproar on Twitter, with many calling on Anele to apologise.

However, the star stood firm.

“To me. Yes that's me, not you, me, even Serena is hotter. If my opinion shakes you so much please consult your therapist and not me,” said Anele.