5 times Mzansi celebs got dragged by American Twitter

01 January 2021 - 12:00
Mzansi can't seem to get a break from American Twitter!
Mzansi can't seem to get a break from American Twitter!
Image: Instagram/Anele Mdoda

You know how the old saying goes: hell hath no fury like American Twitter scorned. And boy did the entire population of the US on the internet come for us!

If you have been on Twitter for even a minute, you know that you have to watch your p's and q's. Otherwise, you're going to get dragged across the globe by people you wouldn't even imagine coming across your account.

Here are some of the times SA was at the mercy of American Twitter, and we really got dragged for filth!

The time Anele came for Kelly Rowland

This one is a moment for the books. In 2019, radio host Anele Mdoda came for Destiny's Child's Kelly Rowland and the internet erupted like Mt Vesuvius.

OK, so here's how it went:

Media personality Sizwe Dhlomo took to Twitter about his opinions on Destiny's Child, saying “Kelly Rowland could low-key be the best looking one in DC (Destiny's Child)”.

Anele caught wind of the tweet and replied, coming for Kelly's looks.

The comedienne said that she “looks better without make-up” and has “the receipts” to back up her bold claims.

Needless to say, American Twitter caught wind of the star's comments, and Anele was left for dead outchea in the streets.

The time American Twitter came for Doja Cat's real name

South Africans who represent the country on an international platform are also not impervious to American outrage.

Earlier this year, after Twitter discovered that Doja Cat's government name is Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini, Americans couldn't handle the tenacity of African names. Many users mocked the star's name, insisting that her name is too difficult to pronounce.

However, Mzansi had the artist's back. Many of SA's Twitter faves called out the close-minded tweeps, taking on American Twitter.

Lasizwe vs Jay Versace

Though many consider imitation the best form of flattery, not all artists take kindly to “their idea” being poached by the competition.

In 2018, MTV star Lasizwe was called out by American comedian Jay Versace for allegedly copying his content.

Lasizwe posted a video of himself captioned “that one friend who doesn’t answer”. Jay wasn't on board with the video, accusing the SA favourite of stealing his skits.

“Boy, you copy everything I do,” wrote Jay.

The interaction started a full-on war that reached the US.

However, SA lifted the white flag early and didn't feel like putting up a fight against a large army of tweeps.

The time Chicken Licken was attacked

As far as fried chicken goes, Chicken Licken has represented SA, and their wings win every time.

After a Twitter user posted an image of Chicken Licken wings and chips in a now-deleted tweet, American Twitter got hold of the image and had a lot of culinary critiques.

According to The Citizen, American Twitter users said the meal looked like it came from a hospital cafeteria. Others said the wings looked dry and needed some sauce.

Obviously tastes differ but SA wasn't having the Chicken Licken slander. They defended the meal saying that looks can be deceiving, especially when it comes to hot wings from the SA franchise.

The time Nota misunderstood Kanye's 'owning his Masters'

Music boss Nhlamulo “Nota” Baloyi got dragged by American Twitter when he shared his opinions on musical powerhouses Jay Z and Kanye West's work relationship.

Nota, in a now-deleted tweet, claimed that Jay-Z sold Kanye West's Masters for his first six albums.

What followed was a barrage of “music industry 101" lessons. American tweeps came to his mentions to say that the star misunderstood Kanye's contracts.