Unathi Nkayi says as long as you respect her boundaries, name-calling does not bother her

08 June 2021 - 12:00
The 'Idols SA' judge has called out those who don't respect her boundaries.
The 'Idols SA' judge has called out those who don't respect her boundaries.
Image: Instagram/Unathi

Media personality Unathi Nkayi says that she isn’t bothered by being labelled difficult as long as her boundaries are respected.

In a “story of my life” moment on Instagram, the Idols SA judge posted a relatable sentiment that ignited a debate in her comment section. Unathi asked fans if they have ever noticed how people who don’t tolerate disrespect are labelled as “difficult” or “bitter”. 

The star went on to add her own thoughts, saying as long as you honour her boundaries and show her respect, the name-calling was like water off a duck’s back for her.

“As long as you respect my boundaries, check your tone when you address me, pay me my worth and on time, you can call me anything you want,” she wrote.

The radio DJ said the labels are hurled one’s way sting because people aren’t able to overstep your boundaries.

“They’ll call you names when they can’t get what they want from you. Let them,” Unathi wrote.

Unathi knows a thing or two about her boundaries being disrespected.

Earlier this year, the star opened up about being bullied by a social media user. With bullying a hot topic on the TL at the time, the star put her bully on blast. She also took the opportunity to note how this person is just one of many people who could turn to bully others online. 

“Tomorrow it may be someone else but today he woke up and decided he’s going to humiliate me. I thought I’d give him what he wants — attention,” said Unathi.