Criselda Kananda ‘completely out of danger’ as she recuperates at home

13 June 2021 - 10:00 By chrizelda kekana
Media personality Criselda Kananda shared tips on how she survived Covid-19.
Media personality Criselda Kananda shared tips on how she survived Covid-19.
Image: Instagram/Criselda Kananda

Announcing she is officially out of the woods, HIV-positive media personality Criselda Kananda has shared lessons her recent health scare with Covid-19 pneumonia gave her, and shared tips on how she survived the ordeal.

Taking to her Instagram, Criselda told her followers she was finally recuperating at home after she had been admitted to Sunninghill Hospital for treatment for pneumonia related to Covid-19.

Criselda wrote a lengthy note in which she reflected on the experience and how she’s glad she emerged victorious in what was a touch-and-go fight of her life.

I’m now completely out of danger. I completed the antiviral treatment course in hospital am now isolated at home surrounded by love and prayers,” she said.

Criselda offered her fans advice on what to do when they suspect they have contracted the corona virus with tips including “don't panic” and adhering to Covid-19 protocols.

Making a joke, the media personality shared what had become her routine as she worked towards complete healing. Her activities included prayer and watching comedy.

Criselda alerted people to her observation that the symptoms related to Covid-19 kept changing, and advised people to test for the virus and not dismiss it as a cold or flu.

“The symptoms keep changing. Present yourself for testing soonest. It is flu season so a simple flu or cough may just be Covid-19. I had the usual smoke allergic reaction and minor cough that led to post-nasal dripping which I treat every winter because of the fireplace to keep warm. What I knew as bronchitis turned out to be Covid-19 pneumonia. This thing is challenging healthcare and its practice as we’ve known it. The rest of society please be kind, people are going through the most right now. Thanks again for all the prayers and messages of encouragement. Keep safe and let’s live to tell the tale.”

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Earlier this week, Criselda admitted she feared she may lose her life when she was in the hospital.

“I survived Covid-19 pneumonia,” Criselda said in the caption of her picture in hospital.

In the picture, she  can be seen sitting upright on what looks like a hospital bed with machines all around her, saying she is grateful for the gift of life after surviving the deadly virus and its related effects. She thanked the intensive care unit staff at Sunninghill Hospital for their care and dedication to her health while she was there.

Criselda took the opportunity to caution her fans and remind them to stay safe as there is a resurgence in Covid-19 cases in the country.

“Thank you Sunninghill Hospital ICU staff for the care and dedication. Covid-19 symptoms keep changing. Please keep being vigilant. We are under siege.”