Andile Mpisane’s baby mama Sithelo Shozi breaks the internet with her pregnancy video

02 September 2021 - 14:00 By Joy Mphande
Sithelo Shozi's pregnancy reel goes viral.
Sithelo Shozi's pregnancy reel goes viral.
Image: Instagram/ Sithelo Shozi

Sithelo Shozi is serving fire content on social media and her fans are here for it. 

The DJ and social media influencer who gave birth to her third baby on July 21 went viral on Wednesday when she shared her first Instagram reel of her while she was still pregnant. 

“I didn’t expect the reaction and reception I got from posting the reel. It was just a short and fun video I’d done two or three months ago during my pregnancy and thought I’d keep for memories, I spontaneously changed my mind and posted it for fun, little did I know it’d cause a bigger stir than I’d anticipated.”

The influencer said she's all about living her truth.

“I like staying true to myself and showing who I really am through my content rather than being a replica of someone else ... Being confident and holding your own is so important, more especially in the world we live in today where people are so quick to throw around words not really knowing what that can do to the next person. Know who you are, live your truth and always put your own happiness before anything else,” Sithelo told TshisaLIVE.

Watch the viral video below:

Sithelo says she's learnt to strike a good balance between work and family. 

“Juggling motherhood and work is very difficult but it’s about working around the time that you have and prioritising your family when you do have the time to spend with them. It’s very important to find a balance and a way that works best for you.”

Sithelo has a single out called Forever which features Skyewand and has gathered more than 5-million views on YouTube. She's expecting her next single featuring Mpumi and Sneziey to be another success when it launches on September 30. 

“We are yet to celebrate going platinum ... It’s a very great achievement, it’s honestly a win for us all and we all deserve that pat on the back. 

“There’s a lot my team and I are working on, mainly focusing on getting me back into the studio, making more music, finishing off music we had started, and a lot more. I’ve been so fortunate to be presented with a lot of wonderful opportunities right now and my main goal is to not only make the most of it all but to excel as best as I can in all that I put my mind to,” she said.