Lost hope in the ANC and planning not to vote? Actor Jack Devnarain says 'you don't just get to walk away'

25 September 2021 - 14:00
Jack Devnarain wants you to vote on November 1.
Jack Devnarain wants you to vote on November 1.
Image: TMG Digital

Actor and activist Jack Devnarain has urged citizens to go out and vote on November 1, saying that those who complain about the government have a moral duty to try bring about change.

As voter registration for the elections wound up, Jack took to Twitter to address those who said they had lost faith in the ANC and wouldn't vote.

He claimed they had put the country in the position it is now and they cannot just walk away.

“Many voters say they're so disillusioned by [the] ANC that they won't vote at all. You're one of many millions who landed us with this rubbish. You don't just get to walk away.”

He said these voters had a “moral duty to vote [for] someone else to retrieve the corrupt wreck you helped cause”.

DJ Shimza also used his platform to encourage the youth to vote, telling his followers that boycotting the polls in frustration is not an option.

“Funny thing is that young people in SA think by not voting Ba laya someone else. Yes we are all frustrated but not voting is not an option!

“Vote for who you feel will best serve you and your country. We need to vote. This is no joke.” he tweeted.