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For some the fees fell a long time ago

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It's amazing that heterosexual females are still willing to subject themselves to the perpetual disappointment that comes with sharing a bed with a ...

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Many folks whose first dance was to an R Kelly song are now probably wondering if they should skip over that bit when watching their wedding DVD

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As my grandmother says: no one has any business eating an animal they are not prepared to kill themselves

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When we allow ourselves the luxury of laziness, it's easy to repeat redundant soundbites

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By raising them under extremely sheltered conditions, we’re depriving our children of all sorts of experiences

NDUMISO NGCOBO | Let us applaud these cats for meowing

In modern-day South Africa, it's a miracle to get service from government departments without having to contribute to the Cool Drink Fund

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It's plain rude to surprise people with your arrival

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Our president was shocked at experiencing a delay on Metrorail. But leaders should never lose touch with ordinary people

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As you get older, you nap because you have to, not because you feel like it