NDUMISO NGCOBO | We may not win at everything, but we're champions at nicknaming

From ‘Cressida’ to ‘iDombolo’, nobody does monikers like we do here at home

NDUMISO NGCOBO | Being your children’s wingman is not what it was in the 1980s

I know I’m not the only parent my age whose relaxed, more engaged attitude towards their children’s dating life was informed by the Huxtables

NDUMISO NGCOBO | Let’s keep our ugly side in check

We have outdone ourselves in the ugliness stakes lately if the 'tragic statements' between Dirco and the Nigerian High Commission are anything to go ...

NDUMISO NGCOBO | Every black household has a drawer full of Checkers bags

If you go through the houses of Beyoncé and Jigga, Oprah and Stedman, or even Cyril (next to the $20m couch), they'll have one thing in common.

NDUMISO NGCOBO | Talking to strangers, Mzansi style

While I appreciate the casual manner in which South Africans interact with each other, sometimes I wish we could sprinkle a pinch of Wambaugh dust.

If your prayers fail as badly as you did, you'll still be OK

If I needed new recruits for a cult, I would look no further than the newly converted prayer warriors who wrote matric two months ago

NDUMISO NGCOBO | Be merry if you can — and be kind to those who can't

I remember deciding to spend Christmas Day alone in my Pinetown flat, watching The Godfather trilogy with a bowl of biltong and ice-cold Castles, ...

NDUMISO NGCOBO | Creeping up the right rectum is the path of least resistance

Where merit is a swear word, creeping up the right rectum is the path of least resistance

NDUMISO NGCOBO | The importance of ablutions

It really can't be said that it's only the Paleolithic male in need of a good scrub

The long hot summer of nostalgia

The conscious rapper Tupac Shakur was emerging. A bald head had started to be cool.