Fiction Friday | ‘The Promise’ by Damon Galgut

All she wants to do is lie down on her bed and fall asleep and never, never wake up. Like Ma? No, not like Ma, because Ma is not asleep.

Uncovering ancient kingdoms in southern Africa

Across the face of southern Africa are more than 460 remarkable stone palaces — some small, others rambling, but many astonishing.

Join Harlan Coben for the Zoom launch of 'Win' on Wednesday

The virtual launch of best-selling thriller writer Harlan Coben's 'Win' is taking place on Wednesday, April 21. Join Coben in conversation with Ben ...

Skewering the colonial enterprise with a deadly pen

Siphiwe Gloria Ndlovu’s second novel takes a character from her award-winning 'The Theory of Flight', Emil Coetzee, and expands his story.

Fiction Friday | 'The Madhouse' by TJ Benson

In Nigeria bodies obey instructions yelled out of loudspeakers to the electronic beat of drums: Whine your waist! Shake your baka! Put it on me!

SJ Naudé’s second collection of short stories disturbs, surprises and enthrals

From SA to Iceland, rural Belgium and the Alps, the stories in 'Mad Honey' radiate out to encompass the globe.

All about insects - what they do and why they're so important for our world

Insects arguably play the most important roles in the functioning of the Earth’s ecosystems – the natural world could not succeed without them. And ...

Corruption began with the Zuptas? 'Rogues' Gallery' sets record straight on ...

If you believe corruption in SA began with Jacob Zuma or even with apartheid, it’s time to catch a wake-up call.

'The Battle of Bangui' — The inside story of SA's worst military disaster since ...

In March 2013, SA suffered its worst military defeat since the end of apartheid.

EXTRACT | 'My Only Story: The hunt for a serial paedophile' by Deon Wiggett

Willem’s chronology would wither under the most dim-witted glance. But people do not keep track of dates, and they scrutinise obliquely, at best. It ...