Expropriation, eviction & invasion: Startling insights into land conflict in SA

In 'Promised Land', Karl Kemp travels the country documenting the fallout of failing land reform.

First volume of Barack Obama’s memoirs to be published globally in November

The presidential memoirs of Barack Obama, the 44th president of the US, will be published in two volumes.

Siphiwe Gloria Ndlovu's latest is a powerful tale of human fallibility

'The History of Man' is an excursion into the interiority of the coloniser.

Fiction Friday | 'Still Life' by Zoë Wicomb

Well, so be it, he sighs wearily; at least the memory of those halcyon days – of discovery, of Empire, and of England bright and great – could be ...

Wild dogs, misunderstood and endangered, brought into sharp focus

'Africa’s Wild Dogs — A Survival Story' is a large format photographic celebration of one of the continent’s most charismatic and endangered predators

Apparitions and superb prose flit through Zoë Wicomb’s take on Thomas Pringle ...

Zoë Wicomb’s novel offers an acerbic exploration of colonial history in superb prose and with piercing wit.

A fascinating glimpse into a vital and volatile institution in SA politics

Rebone Tau's 'The Rise and Fall of the ANC Youth League' tells the history of the league, from its formation in 1944 to the present day.

Marguerite Poland's 'Shades' to light up the small screen

A television adaptation of "Shades", the best-selling novel by the doyenne of South African historical fiction Marguerite Poland, was successfully ...

Fiction Friday | 'Sex and Vanity' by Kevin Kwan

Lucie!!! I’m sooooo happy you’re coming to my wedding in Capri!

Elisabeth Moss to star in TV adaptation of 'The Shining Girls'

'The Shining Girls', Lauren Beukes’s metaphysical thriller set in 1930s Chicago, will be made into a TV series starring Elisabeth Moss.