Knysna resident hopes animal communicator will use psychic connection to find her missing cat

17 July 2017 - 16:46 By Petru Saal
Musa the cat .
Musa the cat .
Image: Maureen Barnard

A R3‚000 reward‚ 3‚000 pamphlets and a special WhatsApp group have not been enough to find Musu the cat who went missing during the devastating fires in Knysna more than a month ago.

Now Musu's owner‚ Antoinette Nicolaou‚ has called in an animal communicator.

"The animal communicator specialises in communicating with animals through psychic connection for‚ amongst other reasons‚ to locate missing animals‚'' said Nicolaou. During the fires‚ riot police arrived at their home and ordered everyone to evacuate. Her mother grabbed Musu and gave her to an employer. Musu was "going frantic at this stage due to the chaos''.

"The policeman said that the cat cannot sit on the front seat due to the firearms…The cat was placed on the floor‚'' she said.

"The plan was to evacuate everybody and then get the cat afterwards. When they eventually came downstairs after everyone had been evacuated the policeman had driven away with the cat.''

R3,000 reward for missing cat Musu.
R3,000 reward for missing cat Musu.
Image: Maureen Barnard

They searched for Musu at the animal shelter. Then they went in search of the policeman and eventually located him in George. But he had no idea where the cat had gone.

Nicolaou has vowed not to stop searching for her beloved Musu. Meanwhile Merlot the dog is up for adoption after the fire tore through his owners’ farm. They cannot care for him anymore. Chris Fletcher‚ 69 has been looking after Merlot since he was brought to the Sedgefield vet after he fled his home.

“He was able to escape the fire. A week later‚ someone picked him up on the road and he had the misfortune of getting knocked over by a car‚” said Fletcher.

Merlot has been in a cast as he had suffered serious injuries to his leg. Fletcher said he has been searching for a permanent home for the dog.

“Merlot still has five weeks to go before the cast can come off and he should be fine after that.”

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